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Did Rudy Giuliani just get Trump in legal trouble? 11 legal experts explain.

Newly appointed Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani dropped a bombshell on Wednesday night when he said on Fox News thatTrump had repaid his attorney Michael Cohen for $130,000 in Stormy Daniels hush money.

Even Sean Hannity, who was interviewing Giuliani, seemed surprised by the admission. It was a shocking moment because it contradicted Trump’s previous claim that he didn’t know anything about Cohen’s payment.

The secret payment to the porn actress to keep an alleged affair quiet was already a potential legal problem for Trump because it mayhave violated campaign finance laws.If Trump knew about the payment, and if it was designed to help the campaign and it wasn’t properly disclosed, then it’s illegal.

Before last night’s revelation, the big question was whether the Daniels payment was technically campaignrelated,or if it was merely personal. If it’s the former, Trump is in trouble. And if the payment was made without Trump’s knowledge, then he would be off the hook.

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